performance collection


TightWeave™ is a fabric construction that uses much thinner threads and much tighter weaves. This unique North Sails construction method creates natural water-repellency, reducing wetting-out whilst providing high-abrasion resistance.We have adapted TightWeave™ to give the optimum mix of capabilities in the different race environments. The fabric number is the total weight of the face fabric per square meter in grams.




TW240 is our toughest laminate with GORE-TEX® Pro fabric at 240g/ m2. It’s used on our Ocean range.When sailing in the most brutal conditions – we’re talking Southern Ocean here – it’s critical to use a fabric that is heavy enough to maintain a barrier of insulating air inside the garment, and durable enough to resist tears and abrasion from outside. Nothing less than TW240 will cope.


TW160 is our Offshore race laminate using GORE-TEX® Pro at 160g/ m2. When racing inshore or on short offshores minimising the weight of foul weather gear benefits both human and boat performance. TW160 strikes the perfect balance between performance and the required durability for this environment.


TW140S is our Inshore race laminate using Pertex® Shield Air at 140g/ m2.The ‘S’ is for stretch; 30% stretch designed into the laminate for low aero drag. This is the ultimate lightweight, high performance, extremely breathable fabric for those racing inshore at elite level.