We are masters of wind and water, innovators of technology and pioneers of design. Our sails make champions and our apparel is cut from the same cloth. We harness nature’s power for adventure; we innovate taking advantage of the latest ideas and we help preserve the ocean for future generations.


We are proud members of the Fashion Pact, a global coalition of leading companies committed to climate change and in protecting the ocean. We are a Benefit company, which meaning we work toward a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment. In 2021, we have achieved a very important step in our journey into becoming a responsible business as we became a certified B Corporation™. Being a B Corp™, we commit to respecting the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, to bring a positive impact other than just generating profits.


Across all areas of our business we tirelessly pursue ways to increase sustainability. Our aspiration is to steer the course to cleaner oceans, creating a better tomorrow for future generations. We always have exploration and innovation in mind, they are our pillars, the foundation of our brand. We harness nature’s power for exploration; we innovate taking advantage of the latest ideas, and we strive to preserve the Ocean for future generations.


We started as a sailmaker brand, then we became much more than that. Today North Sails Apparel designs sportswear with functional and contemporary style, for those who share our passion for the ocean, while our Performance line is made of techincally advanced clothing aimed at the performance focused sailor. Our family is completed by North Sails Sailing and North Kiteboarding.


In 1957 at age 30, Lowell North decided to leave aerospace engineering to become a sailmaker. He never looked back.
North never relied on intuition, he was only swayed by what could be quantified, so he built a company based on science, using constant testing and rigorous scientific methodology to build better sails. And that changed sailmaking forever.


North Kiteboarding has been a global market leader and one of the world's favorite kiteboarding brands since 2001. What absolutely unites the brand is a desire for a more intuitive, more natural and more powerful experience between water, wind and sky. Born to dare in the highest waters, committed to the unknown.